Tobacco Administrative Grading Service (TAGS)


About Us


Tobacco Administrative Grading Service (TAGS) works in conjunction with AMS to provide scheduling for tobacco grading for crop insurance purposes.

The companies listed below are participating in the RMA/AMS/TAGS tobacco grading program.

Thank them for helping you, the tobacco grower, with your crop insurance claims settlement process!


· ACE Tobacco

· Alliance One International (All locations)

· American Tobacco Exchange

· Big M Tobacco

· Burley 2 Tobacco Warehouse

· Burley Stabilization Corporation (All locations)

· Clay’s Tobacco Warehouse

· Carolinas Tobacco Auction,  L.L.C.

· Coastal Piedmont Leaf

· Direct Tobacco

· Fair Deal

· Farmers Tobacco Warehouse

· Farmers Friend

· Granville Warehouse

· Growers Warehouse

· Hail and Cotton (All Locations)

· Horizon Ltd

· Jess Rite Tobacco Warehouse

· JTI Leaf Services (All locations)

· JTR1 Warehouse/Old Motley

· K-Kelly's Tobacco

· Kentucky Tobacco Sales

· Knott's Warehouse

· KY King Tobacco Warehouse

· KY Tobacco Sales

· Mountain City Burley Warehouse

· New Deal Tobacco Warehouse

· New Farmers #4

· Northern Kentucky Tobacco

· Old Belt Tobacco

· Parker Marketing

· RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co (All Locations)

· Rose Mount Farms

· South Central Leaf Services

· Standard Commercial Logistics

· Tobacco Direct

· Tobacco Rag Processors

· Tri Leaf Tobacco Warehouse

· Triple M Tobacco Warehouse

· United Tobacco Company (All Locations)

· Universal Leaf Tobacco Co (All locations)

· US Agro Logistics

· US Tobacco (All locations)